Why Alleah Meazah contested Hon. Buah – Opinion

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Many people were quite surprised that Mr. Alleah Meazah was bent on contesting Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah at the just ended primaries of the NDC in the Ellembele Constituency.

Hon. Buah is popularly recognized in the constituency for his good works and achievements at the national political scene especially the recent rumors on the possibility of being selected as a vice presidential candidate for Ex-president John Mahama. On this premise, many were of the view that he should have contested unopposed. However, the challenge and contest is deemed a good one for both candidates, Hon. Buah and Mr. Meazah.

The votes Mr. Alleah Meazah gained during the primaries undoubtedly indicate that he did a great work at the various branches of the party. A total of 99 votes could mean that he was chosen by at least one person from each branch of the constituency. It wouldn’t be off track to predict that Mr. Meazah could replace Hon. Buah after his term.

The 99 votes lost which represent about 9% have a lot to tell Hon. Buah and his team. Losing 9%, within his party where he has been highly heralded, indicates that some more work needs to be done going into the 2020 elections. No one expected a 100% win but a percentage above 5% is politically significant. Irrespective of his strength and popularity in the constituency, unity and some form of reconciliation would be of essence. The rumor that Mr. Alleah was supported by their opponents should be peaceful cleared from the public before going into the parliamentary election in 2020.

The executives of the party at the constituency level must iron out issues outstanding professionally, and should conduct an independent research on the 2016 elections which saw a reduction in the gap between Bonzo K of NPP and Hon. Buah.

The contest has been good for both candidates and the party at the constituency level. Its importance would greatly be seen if the events before, during and after primaries are classified as key part of the democratic process.

Source: Nzemama Network